Smart Employee Management System (SEMS)

Smart Employee Management System (SEMS)​ is a system designed to ease the managerial activity of any company or organization.​

The system has a beautiful dashboard to display total number of users, departments, notices and leaves. The user details and above all the roles of all users and their designation.

This system enables you to keep basic employee information as well as employment details such as when (date) the employee was employed, which department is assigned to the employee and above all what role does he has to play in the organization or company.

The system also allows the employees to send notifications as regards to important information within the organization which can be visible by other employees. The date notice was created and by who was that created will all be available in the notices page

Another exciting aspect of the system is that, it allows you to upload files as when needed by amongst users

No right system, company or organization work without a leave. Hence SEMS provides you with that amazing feature of separate leave needed in an organization. This include sick leave, annual leave, study leave, parental leave and any other type of leave.

The system provides you with a permission/role administrator features to assign role and permission to your users/employee in the system. This can only be done by the admin of the system.

Above all, the system is user friendly, fast, responsive and has easy customization features.